Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions For Hire

It is the responsibility of each hiring organisation (the “group”) to ensure that group members understand and follow the Wesburn Recreation Camp (the “camp”) rules and procedures. Each group must have a competent leader (the “group leader”) in charge to liaise with Wesburn Recreation Camp staff. The Wesburn Recreation Camp recommends a ratio of one group leader to ten group members. The group leader is responsible for group members supervision at all times. The Wesburn Recreation Camp staff or their sub-contracted outdoor activity providers may instruct, lead, demonstrate or assist in any activity but the group leader is deemed to be responsible for overall group supervision and safety.


A $200 booking fee must be paid for before a booking is confirmed. If no booking fee has been paid, the camp is not considered booked and can be booked by another party.


A minimum of one weeks notice is required should you need to cancel your booking. Cancellations with less than a months notice will have the $200 deposit forfeited. Cancellations with less than a weeks notice will have the full fee forfeited. Cancellations over a months notice will not incur any penalties.


A $200.00 deposit in the form of a “booking fee” is required for all bookings and will be deducted from the invoice as long as the camp is left in a clean and acceptable state on departure.

Daily Duties

The Wesburn Recreation camp is to be maintained in a clean condition by group members.    Self-catered groups are responsible for cleaning and maintaining all areas in a hygienic manner. Tent camping groups are required to maintain their camp site in a clean and hygienic state.

Before You Leave

All bins emptied into wheelie bins, all benches wiped down, all floors swept and mopped in kitchen,main hall,scullery, toilets and showers and recreation hall,all cutlery, pots and pans, plates cups washed and put away, all furniture put back in place, all cabins and training room vacuumed, all sporting equipment put away, blankets folded and returned to closets ,both cook tops and ovens left clean, all rubbish picked up around campsite, air conditioners and heaters turned off, all lights turned off

Failure to leave without the above duties being completed will result in a non return of bond $200

Sleeping Accommodation

For the health and safety of the group the number of group members sleeping per room must not exceed the number of beds.


Group members must not enter the camp prior to the allocated time. All groups are requested to clean and vacate the camp areas by the arranged time on the day of departure. All equipment is to be returned and losses or breakages to be accounted for. The camp staff will need to address the group members as soon as practical after arrival. It is the responsibility of the group leader to convey the safety briefing to the group members.

Emergency Procedures

(i) Procedures
Emergency procedure notices are posted throughout the camp and group members should make themselves familiar with the arrangements.

(ii) Fire Fighting Equipment
Extinguishers and smoke detectors are vital and are located around the site. These are not to be tampered with or removed.

(iii) Fires
Fire restriction notices and Fire Evacuation Days must be strictly observed. If in doubt phone the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667 or visit Country Fire Authority prior to visiting the camp. A Total Fire Ban declaration means no fires can be lit for the declared district for that day irrespective of the Fire Restriction status for a given municipality. Please refer to poster notifications and emergency procedure guidelines at the camp site.

First Aid

First aid is the responsibility of group members. Group members must provide their own trained staff.
A First Aid Room is available on site and all consumables used will be charged.


(i) Damage and loss
Group members must not misuse or damage any property at the camp. All breakages and losses to camp property are to be reported to the camp management and recorded in the relevant equipment log. The camp, St John Ambulance (Vic), their respective directors, officers and agents take no responsibility for the loss or damage to personal property. Group members are only permitted to access the buildings to which they have been allocated.

(ii ) Parking
All vehicle parking is strictly at the owner’s risk and only in areas as directed or sign posted.

(iii ) Speed restrictions
Speed restrictions apply and are strictly enforced.

(iv ) Environment
The camp is a sanctuary for flora and fauna. No group member is permitted to bring firearms, native animals or pets onto the property or to disturb the natural environment. Care and common sense should be taken when approaching animals. Garbage and recyclable materials are to be placed in designated areas.

(v ) Smoke free environment
All buildings on the camp are designated smoke free zones. Alcohol can only be consumed with prior written approval of the camp manager. Please use installed smoking bins.

Activity Programs

Programs and activities are only available with approval of the camp manager prior to arrival at the camp.
The camp provides some specialist equipment for recreation and sports activities and these could include high and low ropes course and initiative activities. It is the responsibility of the group to utilise adequately trained, experienced or skilled leaders for the activities undertaken.
The camp staff reserve the right to withdraw equipment or access to activities should the group not provide suitably trained, qualified or experienced activity leaders or be found misusing equipment. We may suggest companies that can services clients’ request for canoeing, bushwalking, archery, caving, mountain bike riding, abseiling, horse riding, skiing, etc. but the Wesburn Recreation Camp takes no responsibility for these suggestions and suggest each client wishing to use any of recommended companies refer to their policies and procedures. The dam is out of bounds for all campers.

Group Leaders

It is the group leader’s responsibility to ensure that:

  • Campers under 18 years of age have appropriate parent/guardian consent to attend the camp
  • Each camper has completed a health/medical record sheet
  • The camp site’s illness and injury register is filled out for all such incidents
  • The camp site is provided with a written list of camper names
  • All day visiting members of the group are advised of the camp site’s safety briefing and general conditions of hire
  • Safety issues associated with self led offsite excursions are identified and the necessary precautions taken
  • Campers adhere to sun safety strategies
  • Campers under 6 should not sleep on top bunks
  • Wesburn Recreation Camp facilitators are advised of camper medical conditions or behaviour that may arise and may place the campers or others at risk.
  • All campers are to be accompanied when experiencing the surroundings of the camp.


Wesburn Camp reserves the right to terminate the occupancy without notice for breach of the General Conditions for Hire or if in the reasonable opinion of the camp damage may be caused to persons, the camp or its environment. If the occupancy is terminated for these reasons the camp may at its discretion retain all moneys paid to it by the group and all outstanding moneys owed by the group to the camp shall be immediately due and payable unless the camp states otherwise. Camp staff are empowered to take action as may be deemed necessary for proper conduct at the camp. Termination of the occupancy by the camp will not prejudice any rights the centre may have against the group for damages or otherwise.


Group leaders are asked to remind group members to respect each other, others’ personal property and the environment. Noise levels are to be reduced after 11.30pm.

Food and drink may only be consumed in the dining room, BBQ shelter areas or outdoors. No food is to be consumed in the cabins. The camp’s staff takes pride in presenting the facilities and grounds in an aesthetic, clean, safe and hygienic manner and we welcome your feedback on further improvements.

Emergency Contacts

Your location: Wesburn Recreation Camp
25 Madeley Drive, Wesburn, off Britannia Creek Road
Melways Ref: Map 289 C12
Camp site Manager: John Tucker
Mobile: 0423 108 451
Camp site phone/fax: (03) 5967 1600
FIRE 000 (Triple Zero) POLICE 000 (Triple Zero) Yarra Junction Police Station
Phone: (03) 5967 1104Warburton Police Station
Phone: (03) 5966 2006
AMBULANCE 000 (Triple Zero)
Maroondah District Hospital
Phone: (03) 9871 3333Knox Private Hospital
Phone: (03) 5966 4411
Yarra Junction Medical Centre
Phone: (03) 5967 1606Warburton Medical Group
Phone: (03) 5966 5988
13 11 26
GAS 1800 093 336 WATER 13 27 62 ELECTRICITY 13 34 66

Release and Indemnity

In consideration of the centre accepting the group’s booking the group agrees to:

(i) Release and forever discharge the camp, St John Ambulance (Vic), their respective directors, officers and agents from all Claims that it may have or may have had but for this release arising from or in connection with its stay at the camp or participating in any activity there; and

(ii) Indemnify and hold harmless the camp, St John Ambulance (Vic), their respective directors, officers and agents to the extent permitted by law in respect of any claim by any person including but not only a member of the group arising as a result of or in connection with the group’s use of the camp or participation in any activity there.

In this clause “Claims” means and includes any action, suit, proceeding, claim, demand, damage, penalty, cost or expense however arising (including negligence, trespass to the person or for breach of implied terms in the sale of services under section 74 of the Trade Practices Act (Cth) 1974).


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